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Select your mode of play — Play for Fun or Play for Entries. To play for entries you must first enter the required code numbers from an eligible non-winning #640 $100,000 Crossword scratch ticket.

Each game begins with hidden Call Letters and one Crossword puzzle.

  1. Click any of the Call Letters to reveal a hidden letter.
  2. Match any corresponding letters found in the puzzle by clicking each of those letters.
  3. If you do not wish to play the game to see how many entries you get for the second chance drawing, just click the REVEAL button to solve the full puzzle.
  4. When you are in “Play for Entries” mode and you uncover three or more complete words, you win the corresponding prize in the Prize Legend!
  5. If you are stuck, click the HINT button to highlight your next possible move.
  6. In all puzzles, one letter will be replaced with the doubler symbol (Moneybag) throughout the entire puzzle. Example: If you reveal an “L” in your Call Letters and “L” is the doubler letter, all “L’s” on the puzzle will be replaced by the Moneybag. If you completely uncover a word containing the Moneybag, you will win double the points for that game.

Click here to view complete game rules.


If you are a winner of 2ndchance entries, no further action is required on your part. Your entries will be credited to your account and will appear in your account history within 48 hours. Check back Friday after the drawing to see winners posted.