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Registration/Logging In
Ticket Code Entry
Technical Questions
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Registration/Logging In

If you are already registered in the Michigan Lottery Players Club, you will not need to re-register for the Bingo promotion. Simply enter your username and password to login. If you are not registered with the Michigan Lottery Players Club you will need to click on the register button and provide the requested information.

Ticket Code Entry

Eligible Game Codes

The Bingo interactive game only allows you to submit non-winning ticket codes from select Bingo instant tickets. View the rules page for complete details.

Help Submitting Codes

If you experience a “Code Error” while submitting a ticket code, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. First, make sure that you are using the 8-digit code found underneath the scratch-off portion of the ticket along with the 3-digit game number found at the bottom, or back side, of the ticket.

  2. Make sure that you are using both white boxes within any given “Ticket Entry” area rather than placing all numbers in a single box.
  3. Check your Bingo Account History page and verify your previous entries to ensure that the ticket wasn’t submitted already. The system will not allow the same code to be submitted twice.
  4. Make sure that you are entering an eligible Bingo ticket. View the rules page for complete list of eligible games.
  5. Check your ticket very carefully to ensure that it is not a cash prize winner or has expired. You can visit any Michigan Lottery retailer and have your ticket checked to verify any winnings.

Account History

Each time you submit a ticket code, a record of your entry appears on your Account History page. All of your entries appear on that list for your information and reference, so you can check the list against the tickets you are holding.

Duplicating Codes

A valid code may be entered into the Bingo Interactive Game only one time. Please visit your account history to view codes that have been successfully submitted. Tickets submitted through the website cannot be submitted again on the Bingo mobile app and vice versa. To enter your ticket into second chance drawings including Play It Again, download the Michigan Lottery Mobile App or visit MichiganLottery.com.


How do I find out if I am a winner of a Coupon or Reward Points?

After you have entered your ticket code and have played the interactive game you will receive a message indicating whether or not you have won an instant game Coupon or Rewards Points.

Reward Points

If you are a winner of Reward Points, no further action is required on your part. Your points will be credited to your Player’s Club account and will appear in your account history within 48 hours. To use Reward Points visit the Players Club Rewards Catalog using a web browser that is equipped with the latest version of Flash. Reward Points can be redeemed for merchandise items, Lottery Free Play coupons or for entries into prize giveaways!


Coupons will be emailed to the member's registered email address as provided in his or her Player's Club membership account information within 1 business day of being awarded. Add reply@noreply.michiganlottery.com to your address book to ensure delivery.


Persons living outside the state of Michigan are not eligible to participate in the play for prizes portion of the promotion. You can however participate in the play for fun interactive game.

Technical Questions

If you encounter a problem with the Bingo promotional web site please go to the FEEDBACK page to let us know what problem you are experiencing. We will assist you via return email. The more details you can provide about your problem, the better chance we will have of quickly resolving the problem.

Email the Michigan Lottery

You can contact the Michigan Lottery directly by using the link found below:

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